Stay in Motion!

It’s really too bad that many of us tend to put away our walking shoes and prepare to hibernate for the winter! Fall is a great time of year to incorporate a bit more physical activity into our daily schedules. Try a brisk walk or a bike ride after supper. How about raking the leaves, or cleaning up that flower bed or garden? Get the whole family involved!

Even after the snow arrives there are still a wide variety of activities to get involved in. Start up a bowling team or join a curling league. Be adventurous and try something new, like salsa or ballroom dancing. Perhaps Tai Chi or yoga are more your style. Consult your Leisure Guide for other activities that catch your interest.

It doesn’t really matter what activity you choose, just make up your mind to remain more physically active this fall and winter. Your body will thank you for it!

Is Your Family in Motion?

There is a strong correlation between the activity level of children and that of their parents. Inactive children are more likely to have less physically active parents. Active children are more likely to model an active living lifestyle themselves. Currently it is recommended that kids are involved in 60 minutes of moderate physical activity and 30 minutes of vigorous physical activity daily.  The “Healthy Schools in Motion” program recommends Manitoba schools aim for 30 minutes of daily physical activity 5 days a week. The rest is up to us parents. Are you making sure your child is “in motion” outside of regular school hours? Make it your goal to model active living and get your whole family in motion today!​

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