Fast Facts on Achilles Tendon Ruptures

The mechanism of injury usually involves a forceful “push off” from a fully dorsi-flexed ankle.

Individuals often report hearing a loud “pop” and describe the feeling like they were kicked in the back of the lower leg or ankle.

A ruptured Achilles results in complete loss of the ability to point the foot downwards.

Achilles tendon ruptures occur more frequently in men ages 30-50 years of age.

Ruptures often occur when returning to vigorous activity after a long layoff.

“Weekend Warriors” are at higher risk for injury due to lower levels of physical conditioning and often poor flexibility.

Complete tendon ruptures can be surgically repaired or treated conservatively without surgery.

The incidence of re-rupture in conservatively managed cases is reported as high as 40%. The incidence of re-rupture following surgical repair has been reported to be around 5%.

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