Work Reconditioning

Riverbend Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre is please to offer Work Reconditioning Programs for your clients.  Our comprehensive reconditioning services can improve exercise tolerance, restore physical function, have a positive effect on mental health and facilitate successful return to work.

What is Work Reconditioning?

Our work reconditioning program is designed to address both the physical and cognitive limitations that affect an individual’s ability to performs their regular activities in the workplace, at home and in the community.  Upon receiving the referral, we conduct a file review prior to the patient interview.   A physical examination is then conducted in order to identify any loss of range of motion, strength, neurological deficits or functional loss.  An exercise program is then designed to address these limitations in order to facilitate a return to regular work duties.

Who would Benefit from Work Reconditioning?

Work reconditioning is ideal for individuals with musculoskeletal disorders who have been away from work for a lengthy period of time, or those individuals who are not currently able to meet the physical demand level related to their occupation.

A reconditioning program may also be appropriate for individuals recovering from a mental health disorder.  Reconditioning can help to provide structure, accountability, goal setting, socialization and a sense of mastery.  This can have a tremendous therapeutic value for individuals diagnosed with depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders.

What Happens during a Work Reconditioning Workout?

Reconditioning workouts are tailor made for each client, but will usually include an aerobic component, a resistance exercise component, a functional exercise component,  a core strengthening component and a flexibility exercise component.  Along with these five components, clients also receive patient education to help them better understand their pain as well as strategies to manage their symptoms.  “Hurt vs. harm” concepts are routinely included in the patient education program component.

​Program Fees

All reconditioning assessments, treatment visits and written reports are provided by a licensed physiotherapist.  Physical examination and functional testing is repeated upon conclusion of the program and clear recommendations regarding the client’s ability to perform their critical job demands will be included in the discharge summary report.  Please contact the clinic for more information regarding our reconditioning fee schedule.