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Safe Snow Shoveling

Winter is upon us! As always, our cold Manitoba winters mean snow shoveling and lots of it! Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when braving the cold this winter.

​Choose the Right Shovel

  • A longer handle requires less forward bending. This means less back fatigue.
  • A bent handle shovel can reduce forward bending by up to 16% and will help reduce back pain.
  • Choose a shovel with a plastic blade. Plastic shovels are much lighter and make moving heavy snow easier.
  • Shovels with slightly smaller blades help prevent lifting too much at once.

Shovelling Tips

  • Pace yourself. Take frequent rest breaks when moving heavy loads.
  • Keep your hands wider apart on the handle for better leverage and less strain.
  • Push the snow on the ground, then lift and throw. Try to take a step in the direction you are throwing to reduce back strain.

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